Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Tomato price : As rate soars it might reach Rs...

Tomato price : As rate soars it might reach Rs…

Tomato price : As rate soars it might reach Rs…

According to reports, the ongoing heavy rainfall in certain regions of the country and insufficient showers have resulted in a detrimental impact on the production and transportation of tomatoes. As a consequence, it is anticipated that tomato prices will continue to rise and could potentially reach ₹300 per kg in the upcoming weeks.

To address this critical issue, the Central government has taken action by directing its agencies, to swiftly acquire the essential vegetable from mandis located in crucial tomato-producing states such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Key Points
  • The price of tomatoes began at Rs. 40 per kg in June.
  • But due to bad weather in the first week of July, the prices skyrocketed by more than 300%.
  • The floods in important tomato-producing states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka played a major role in this price increase.
  • India is the second largest tomato producer globally, and tomatoes, along with onions, are considered vital for the daily lives of Indian consumers.
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