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Seema Haider News : Is she a Spy ?

Seema Haider News : Is she a Spy ?

Seema Haider News : Is she a Spy ? Read to Know more…

The love story of Pakistani woman Seema Haider and Sachin remains a topic of discussion in the country these days. Presently, Seema Haider is in UP ATS custody, and it is highly anticipated that she has some connection with the Pakistani Army.

The Love Story Angle

Seema and Sachin Meena came into contact with each other while playing PUBG in 2019, and then their love story started. After this, on May 2023, Seema Haider came to India by boarding a bus via Nepal. According to the UP Police, Seema and Sachin live in Greater Noida, where Sachin runs a grocery shop.

The police arrested Seema on July 4 for illegally entering India with her four children through Nepal without a visa. Along with this, Sachin was sent to jail on the charge of giving shelter to an illegal refugee. Although both of them were released later, the UP ATS has detained Seema for questioning.

Is Seema Haider a Spy ?

Seema Haider is also being accused of being a Pakistani spy. The UP ATS team has taken her into custody and started questioning Seema Haider at a secret place.

Seema Haider was on the radar of ATS since the beginning, she came to India via Nepal to meet her lover. Now the ATS team will conduct further inquiries on the basis of WhatsApp chat and all the evidence.

Connection with the Pakistani Army !

The police got to know after an investigation that Seema’s uncle is a subedar in the Pakistan Army and that Seema’s brother is a Pakistani soldier. India’s security agency will now interrogate the border and try to find such loopholes.

Threat to India’s Security

Inquiries are being made on all aspects, from her love story to her coming to India. UP police said that Seema is a Pakistani citizen and that there are many problems with her arrival. It is necessary to interrogate her, so all security agencies involved in the security of the country will interrogate her.

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