Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Saudi Arabia Appoints First-Ever Ambassador to Palestine

Saudi Arabia Appoints First-Ever Ambassador to Palestine

Saudi Arabia Appoints First-Ever Ambassador to Palestine

Inaugural Saudi Ambassador to Palestine Nayef al-Sudairi has officially assumed his role by presenting his credentials to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. This important diplomatic step is a historic milestone in the relations between the two countries. Al-Sudairi and his delegation arrived in the occupied West Bank from Jordan via the Karama crossing for a two-day official visit. During his visit, the Ambassador held important discussions with President Abbas and other senior Palestinian officials to strengthen bilateral relations.

Warm welcome from Palestinian officials

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry warmly welcomed Ambassador al-Sudairi, highlighting the importance of this visit in promoting brotherly relations. PLO Secretary-General Hussein al-Sheikh expressed his appreciation for the Saudi Ambassador’s presence, emphasizing the importance of this diplomatic gesture.

Ambassador al-Sudairi was appointed in August as Saudi Arabia’s non-resident ambassador to Palestine and consul general in Jerusalem. Their credentials were officially presented at a ceremony at the Palestine Embassy in Amman, Jordan. These credentials established his role as “Extraordinary Ambassador and Plenipotentiary of the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to the State of Palestine and Consul General of the Kingdom in Jerusalem.”

Saudi-Israel Diplomatic Prospects and Ongoing Complexities

In particular, Israel rejected the idea of establishing a Saudi consulate in Jerusalem, and asserted its claim to the city as its capital. Israel’s stance on Jerusalem remains a controversial issue in the region, as it is not recognized by the international community.

The appointment comes amid reports that Saudi Arabia, partly due to US pressure, is considering formal diplomatic ties with Israel. However, complex concerns, including Saudi nuclear energy development and Israeli activities in the occupied West Bank, pose significant obstacles to such an agreement. Riyadh has consistently reaffirmed its commitment to the Arab League’s position of not establishing relations with Israel until a solution to the Palestinian crisis is achieved.

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