Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Ready to Ignite War with Israel at Any Moment : Hezbollah

Ready to Ignite War with Israel at Any Moment : Hezbollah

Ready to Ignite War with Israel at Any Moment : Hezbollah

Hezbollah signals readiness to join forces with Hamas

Iran-backed Lebanon’s Hezbollah has publicly declared its unwavering commitment to supporting its Palestinian ally Hamas in its ongoing conflict with Israel. The announcement by Hezbollah’s deputy chief Naim Qasim comes at a time when hostilities between Hamas and Israel have intensified for the seventh consecutive day.

Disobedience amidst increasing violence

Qassem confirmed Hezbollah’s role in the current conflict, and stressed their firm readiness to get involved if the time is deemed appropriate. He made this statement during a pro-Palestine rally in the southern suburbs of Beirut on the occasion of the visit of Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Hezbollah’s announcement rejected pleas from major countries, Arab countries and UN envoys, who had urged the group to refrain from intervening. Qassim said these arguments would not influence Hezbollah, stressing that the organization understands its responsibilities.

Recent days have seen an increase in cross-border hostilities between Israel, Hezbollah, and allied Palestinian factions in Lebanon, resulting in a serious and uncertain situation. Sadly, these clashes have already resulted in many casualties and have raised international concerns about the deteriorating situation in the region.

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