Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Philippines Slams China for 'Floating Barrier' in South China Sea

Philippines Slams China for ‘Floating Barrier’ in South China Sea

Philippines Slams China for ‘Floating Barrier’ in South China Sea

Philippines Accuses China of Installing ‘Floating Barrier’ in South China Sea, Hindering Fishing Activities

On Sunday, the Philippines leveled a serious accusation against China, alleging the installation of a “floating barrier” in a contentious area of the South China Sea. This move, according to Manila, has obstructed Filipino fishermen from accessing the region and pursuing their livelihoods. Both the Philippine coast guard and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources issued strong condemnations via social media, specifically on a platform formerly known as Twitter.

Coast guard spokesperson Commodore Jay Tarriela detailed how the Chinese-installed barrier was preventing Filipino fishing boats from entering the Scarborough Shoal, known locally as Bajo de Masinloc. This obstruction has deprived Filipino fishermen of their ability to fish and earn a living. Photographic evidence accompanied Tarriela’s statements, revealing that the barrier had been installed by three Chinese coast guard vessels and a Chinese maritime militia service after a Philippine government vessel had arrived in the area.

Coral Destruction

Earlier in the week, the Philippine coast guard shared footage highlighting extensive damage to coral reefs in the region. Officials accused China of causing significant harm to the environment, with Tarriela suggesting that the presence of crushed corals indicated potential dumping, possibly involving previously processed corals.

In response, China’s foreign ministry dismissed the allegations as “false and groundless.” They cautioned Philippine authorities against using fabricated information for political purposes.

According to Filipino fishermen, Chinese vessels typically deploy floating barriers when monitoring a large number of Filipino fishing boats in the area. Despite these challenges, Tarriela expressed the Philippine Coast Guard’s determination to work with relevant government agencies to protect maritime rights and territorial boundaries.

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