Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Paris Under Siege by Unstoppable Bedbug Onslaught!

Paris Under Siege by Unstoppable Bedbug Onslaught!

Paris Under Siege by Unstoppable Bedbug Onslaught!

Bedbug epidemic hits Paris ahead of 2024 Olympics

A bedbug epidemic has hit Paris, raising concerns over the safety and image of the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics. Reports of these tiny blood-sucking insects infesting public transport, cinemas and even hospitals have created concern among residents and officials alike.

Entomologist Jean-Michel Bérenger says that the increase in the number of bed bug sightings at the end of summer is nothing new, with the annual increase being due to the unknowing transport of these insects by travelers in the summer. However, this year’s increase has exceeded previous ones, causing panic online and turning it into a national emergency.

Dark clouds on Olympics

As Paris prepares to welcome millions of people for the 2024 Olympics, bedbug infestations have eclipsed the event. Cinemas are seeing a decline in footfall due to the disturbing videos, while metro passengers are checking seats. Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire warned that “no one is safe” due to rising infections and pesticide resistance.

Bed bugs, which are economically burdensome and impact quality of life, have become a national issue in France, demanding attention and even being included in home insurance policies. Although they don’t spread diseases, their impact on sleep and mental health is significant, a recent survey has revealed.

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