Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Orcas and their Strange Behaviour

Killer whales attacked boats competing in “round-the-world race” as they approach Strait of Gibraltar.

Recently, there have been several non-fatal killer whale attacks between Spain and Portugal. And there are different opinions of expert on these events. These Sharks do not attack humans generally. However, incidents of sharks ramming boat has been reported in a while.

A boat carrying two persons was allegedly struck by a pod of killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar yesterday. The duo had to be saved by the Spanish coast guard as the altercation grew out of hand. Early in May, the sailing boat Alboran Champagne was fully overrun after being assaulted by three orcas.

Two distinct teams competing in the annual Ocean Race sailing competition reported encounters with orcas in the strait as recently as June 22. Neither vessel was damaged, though.


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