Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Manipur violence 2023: India condemns EU over Ethnic Resolution

Manipur violence 2023: India condemns EU over Ethnic Resolution

The Europion Union Resolution on Manipur Violence, stating that the Indian government should stop ethnic and religious violence and protect religious minorities was condemned by India.

In Manipur, a northeastern State of India, there has been a lot of fighting and violence since May. Over 130 people have been killed, and many tens of thousands have had to leave their homes and stay in temporary shelters.

The fighting is happening because of disagreements and conflicts between different groups of people. The European Parliament talked about this issue and made a resolution. They said that the violence is happening because of policies that promote one religion over others.

India Condemns EU

The Indian government didn’t like the resolution and said that it is not right for other countries to interfere in India’s problems. They think that the European Parliament should worry about their own issues instead.

Main Issue of Manipur Violence 2023

The fighting in the state of Manipur started because some indigenous groups, like the Kukis, were protesting and asking for special status for another group called the Meiteis. Since then, people from both groups have been attacking each other’s homes, cars, and religious places like churches and temples. The fighting has made the Kukis and Meiteis separate from each other and live in different places.

The European Parliament resolution also criticized the political party BJP and asked for things like help for the people affected, investigations, and stopping hate speeches. They also wanted the internet to work again and a law to be taken away.

The Indian government says they are doing everything they can to subdue the Manipur Violence 2023 and keep peace in the state.

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