Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Kim Jong Un's Secret Meeting with Putin in Russia

Kim Jong Un’s Secret Meeting with Putin in Russia

Kim Jong Un’s Secret Meeting with Putin in Russia

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is set to pay an important visit to Russia, it was announced on Monday. The North Korean leader is reportedly traveling on a highly secured train, and experts speculate that the primary agenda of the meeting with President Vladimir Putin centers around a potential exchange: the purchase of artillery from North Korea in exchange for advanced technology, shells and antitank missiles satellites, nuclear-powered submarines, and desperately needed food aid.

Strengthening Ties

The visit is a result of Putin’s invitation to Kim, emphasizing their 75-year-old historical ties. It came after days of anticipation, with US and other officials suggesting Kim would make a rare departure from North Korea to Vladivostok using an armored train. The meeting between Chairman Kim and President Putin is expected to take place in about two days, potentially on Wednesday, while Vladivostok is hosting the Eastern Economic Forum on that date.

Kim Jong Un’s unwavering support for Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict, including the supply of rockets and missiles, has drawn praise from President Putin, strengthening their complex relationship in the global context.

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