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Jyoti Maurya latest news

Jyoti Maurya latest news

Jyoti Maurya latest news

A PCS officer named Jyoti Maurya from Uttar Pradesh (UP) is getting a lot of attention these days. There have been reports about her from different states and districts after she had a disagreement with her husband.

The Controversy

Jyoti Maurya is involved in some controversies, and people have accused her of various things. But these accusations have not been officially proven yet. Jyoti’s father, Parasnath Maurya, also made allegations against her husband, Alok. He claimed that Alok deceived his daughter by lying. Jyoti’s father even showed the wedding card to the media and said that Alok had falsely presented himself as a panchayat officer. Jyoti’s father accuses Alok and his family of cheating them.

Who is Jyoti Maurya ?

Jyoti Maurya is a resident of Varanasi. Alok Maurya of Bachwal was married in 2010 to Jyoti Maurya, a resident of Chiraigaon, Banaras. Jyoti first got the job as a teacher. Jyoti worked hard, and then in 2016, she passed the PCS exam. Meanwhile, in 2015, he also had two twin daughters. Jyoti Maurya is currently posted as General Manager at Bareilly’s Sugar Mill. Alok and Jyoti have twin daughters, who are currently living with Jyoti.

Alok accused Jyoti Maurya of an extramarital affair

Jyoti Maurya is currently posted as GM in a sugar mill in Bareilly. Jyoti Maurya’s husband, Alok Maurya, has accused her of conspiring to murder, threatening to kill her, and pressuring her to divorce. Her husband, Alok Maurya, alleged that she was having an affair with the commandant of the Home Guard posted in Noida. Alok said that Jyoti is threatening to kill him.

Manish Dubey – Third Wheel

Alok appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for justice. Alok alleged that his wife and the Home Guard commandant had been in touch since 2020. The chat (conversation) done on the mobile phone WhatsApp regarding the allegations was also made public.

After this investigation, Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey has been suspended.


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