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Japan's 'Moon Sniper' Lander Finally Takes Off After Thrilling Three Postponements

Japan’s ‘Moon Sniper’ Lander Finally Takes Off After Thrilling Three Postponements

Japan’s ‘Moon Sniper’ Lander Finally Takes Off After Thrilling Three Postponements

In an unprecedented achievement, Japan has successfully launched its first Moon lander, marking a significant milestone in lunar exploration. Thursday’s launch was an exciting event for space lovers around the world. The rocket, named H2-A, blasted off spectacularly from Tanegashima, a picturesque island in southern Japan, at exactly 8:42 a.m. (GMT 2342, Wednesday).  However, this achievement was not without challenges. The launch faced three postponements due to adverse weather conditions, but perseverance prevailed and the launch eventually became a reality. Around 35,000 online viewers were curiously tuned in to watch this historic moment.

In addition to the Moon lander, the H2-A rocket is carrying a research satellite developed collaboratively by NASA, the European Space Agency and Japan’s own space agency, JAXA, further enhancing international cooperation in space exploration.

Lunar exploration progress and Japan’s precision landing

This significant event comes on the heels of India’s recent success in landing a spacecraft near the Moon’s south pole, a remarkable achievement in itself. Japan’s Moon lander, officially known as the Smart Lander for Investigation of the Moon (SLIM), is engineered for precision. It is designed to execute a pinpoint landing within just 100 meters of a specific target on the lunar surface. This capability represents a significant leap in humanity’s ability to land on celestial bodies exactly where they are intended, rather than choosing the easiest option.

Up to this point, India, the United States, Russia, and China have completed successful landings on the Moon. India’s remarkable achievement as the first country to land on the South Pole of the Moon stands as a testament to human exploration. Japan, despite previous failed attempts including the lunar probe Omotenashi sent as part of the United States’ Artemis program last year, has now joined the ranks of lunar explorers with the launch of its leading lunar lander, SLIM.

For live coverage, visit JAXA | What’s New (2023)

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