Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Delhi flood : Yamuna water level above 208.6m

Delhi flood : Yamuna water above danger level

Delhi flood : Yamuna water above danger level, Yellow alert for July 15

Many parts of Delhi, including the Yamuna floodplains, as well as low-lying areas like Civil Lines and Kashmere Gate, are currently facing serious flooding because the river has become much larger. The water level at the Old Delhi Railway Bridge has risen to 208.65 metres, which is more than 3 metres higher than the dangerous level. This flood level is the highest in 45 years, surpassing the previous record set at 207.49 metres.

The Central Water Commission reported that at 8 a.m. today, the water level in the Yamuna reached 208.48 metres. Heavy rainfall and the release of water from the Hathnikund Barrage are causing the water level of the river to keep rising, leading to flooding and waterlogging in many parts of the city. The Delhi government has evacuated 16,564 people from low-lying areas and provided them with safer places to stay. Currently, 14,534 people are living in tents or shelters across the city.


Other Highlights

  • As the Yamuna floods Delhi, crematoriums are closed, medical facilities are evacuated, and a drinking water shortages is expected to occur.
  • ₹200 cr business affected due to rains flooding in Delhi, say traders
  • IMD issued Yellow alert for Delhi for July 15
  • Massive Jams, Delhi Metro service hampered, Schools And Colleges Shut.


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