Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
China's President Xi Jinping and Syria's Assad Forge Game-Changing 'Strategic Partnership' 

China’s President Xi Jinping and Syria’s Assad Forge Game-Changing ‘Strategic Partnership’

China’s President Xi Jinping and Syria’s Assad Forge Game-Changing ‘Strategic Partnership’

Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad in Hangzhou, marking an important milestone in their countries’ relations. The two leaders unveiled a new “strategic partnership” during their meeting. Assad’s visit to China, his first in nearly two decades, seeks financial aid for Syria’s reconstruction and political rehabilitation after years of isolation caused by civil war. Xi stressed their strong friendship and the resilience of their ties amid international changes. The two leaders expressed their commitment to mutual support, friendly cooperation and safeguarding international fairness and justice.

Financing Syria’s Reconstruction

Assad’s visit also includes attending the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou and showcasing cultural exchanges between the two countries. Analysts expect the discussion to revolve around financing Syria’s reconstruction. China’s growing influence in the Middle East is evident in the Saudi-Iran rift and its role in Syria’s return to the Arab border after years of separation.

Assad’s visit underscores China’s growing role on the global stage and its commitment to building alliances in a rapidly changing world.

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