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China's Defense Minister Li Shangfu Removed Amidst Two-Month Absence

China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu Removed Amidst Two-Month Absence

China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu Removed Amidst Two-Month Absence

China shakes up leadership team: Defense Minister Li Shangfu removed amid secrecy

China’s leadership suffered another blow as General Li Shangfu, who had been absent from public view for two months, was suddenly dismissed from his posts as Defense Minister and State Councilor. The move, approved by China’s top legislators, raises concerns about the stability of President Xi Jinping‘s leadership team. The expulsion was announced without any explanation.

Lee’s disappearance comes amid allegations of suspected corruption related to equipment procurement and development. He held the post for only a few months before he was removed from office, making his tenure unusually short. Notably, Li was subject to US sanctions since 2018 due to Beijing purchasing military equipment from Russia.

State Councilor position stripped from Gang amidst scandal

In another surprise development, Qin Gang, who was removed as foreign minister in July, also lost his state councilor post. Although no formal explanation was given, sources say that his extramarital affair while he was Ambassador to the United States played a role in his removal.

With the removal of both Li and Qin, the number of China’s state councilors, a rank senior to that of a minister, has dropped to just three. The leadership change comes as China prepares to host foreign defense officials at the Beijing Jiangshan Forum.

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