Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
1,000-Year-Old 'Alien Corpses' Unveiled in Jaw-Dropping Display at Mexico Congress 

1,000-Year-Old ‘Alien Corpses’ Unveiled in Jaw-Dropping Display at Mexico Congress

1,000-Year-Old ‘Alien Corpses’ Unveiled in Jaw-Dropping Display at Mexico Congress

Surprising incident revealed in Mexico Congress: Alleged ‘alien bodies’ fuel extraterrestrial speculation

In a surprise development in Mexico’s Congress, the country’s capital became the center of an extraordinary debate on Tuesday. A live online Congress meeting shed light on the mysterious and the unknown, where two alleged ‘alien bodies‘ took center stage. These mysterious specimens were reportedly found in Cuzco, Peru and have a staggering 1,000-year-old history. The presentation was moderated by journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, with the presence of Ryan Graves, former US Navy pilot and current head of Americans for Safe Aerospace.

Mysterious Origins Revealed: Alien Bodies Found in Fossil Algae-Rich Mines

Within the sacred halls of the San Lazzaro legislative palace, Maussan solemnly announced, “These things we found are not part of our regular evolution on Earth. They did not come by UFO accident, but were found in mines where The habitat of tiny diatoms, a type of algae, eventually became fossilized over time.”

The event also featured a captivating series of videos of UFOs and paranormal phenomena. Maussan revealed that DNA testing of the two samples revealed a surprising revelation: more than 30 percent of their genetic makeup is unknown. Additionally, X-rays revealed puzzling anomalies, including “eggs” and distinctive metal implants within a body. The incident has sparked spirited discussions, resurfacing the age-old question: Do extraterrestrial beings walk among us?

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